The North American Chapter of the
International Geosynthetics Society

IGS North America Establishes Service Award

The North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS-NA) has established an Excellence in Service Award to recognize members who have shown outstanding leadership and dedication to the objectives of the North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetic Society (IGS-NA) or the geosynthetics industry. Award recipients must be an IGS-NA member in good standing, or have been an IGS-NA Member at the time the services to be recognized were performed.  Recipients may be individuals (one or more than one), corporations, or students.

Those considered for the award shall have excelled with regard to one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Provided leadership in advancing geosynthetics education and research,
  2. Created opportunities to collect, evaluate and disseminate knowledge on all matters relevant to geosynthetics, and their application,
  3. Organization of technical conferences, seminars, and workshops,
  4. Advanced training of current users of geosynthetics,
  5. Advancement of the science and technology of geosynthetics and their applications
  6. Training future users of geosynthetics,
  7. Training geosynthetic educators,
  8. Promotion of geosynthetics as part of engineering curricula,
  9. Targeting impactful new Members of IGS-NA,
  10. Better communication with Members of IGS-NA,
  11. Enhanced partnerships with associated organizations.

The first edition of the award(s) will be presented at Geosynthetics 2019 in Houston, Texas.  Nominations for award recipients may be made at any time by IGS-NA members or the IGS-NA Board of Directors with a deadline of October 1st, 2018.  Please send your nominations to

Hundreds of people and dozens of companies have contributed to the evolution and success of IGS-NA (formerly NAGS) over the past 30+ years. Thus, with the establishment of this award, we have an opportunity to recognize a great number of deserving and outstanding members, peers, and friends. IGS-NA members are encouraged to submit nominations for people and corporations to be considered for the award.

Educate the Educators 2019 – San Diego, California

Following IGS North America’s successful Educate the Educators (EtE) event in Kingston, Ontario (December 2017), plans began towards the next gathering. Educate the Educators provides training and educational materials to professors from across North America to enable them to offer state-of-practice geosynthetics education to their students. In Kingston, 35 professors took part, adding to the 40+ who gained the introduction in Austin, Texas in 2015.

In 2019, IGS North America will again facilitate another EtE. San Diego, California has been identified as the next site.

IGS North America would like to thank its 2017 Diamond Event Sponsors: CETCO, Solmax/GSE, and TenCate.  Sapphire Event Sponsors were Agru, HUESKER and Thrace-Linq.

IGS-NA would like to recognize the 2015 EtE Sponsors too.  Remaining funds from the 2015 event were used to support the 2017 event as well.  Thank you to GMA, Geosynthetic Institute, TenCate, ECTC, Presto, GSE, HUESKER, Thrace-Linq and TRI Environmental.

Plans for the 2019 EtE San Diego will be updated at our members meeting in Houston this February at  Geosynthetics 2019.

2019 Student Presentation Competition

IGS-North America invites abstracts (400 words maximum) for the 2019 Student Presentation Competition, to be held during the Geosynthetics 2019 conference, 10 – 13 February 2019 at the Marriott Marquis in Houston, Texas. Abstracts should be submitted to by 29 October 2018.

Abstracts submitted to the Student Presentation Competition will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The student authors of the top 5 abstracts will be selected to give a 15-minute presentation during a special session at the conference. Depending on the number of quality abstract submissions, there may be a subsequent presentation component to select the top 5 student presenters. The selected student presenters will be notified by 1 December 2018. The selected student presenters will receive a complimentary conference registration. The panel of judges will select the winner of the presentation competition, who will be awarded a cash prize sponsored by the Geosynthetic Materials Association at one of the Plenary Sessions.

NOTE: The faculty advisor of the student is required to be a member of IGS North America. No written papers are required as part of this competition.

IGS North America Offers FREE Membership for Students

Graduate and undergraduate students: please consider joining IGS North America for free.  Registration can be completed online at As a member you will receive the IGS News, online access to the Geosynthetics International Journal and Geotextiles and Geomembranes Journal, and secure access to various International Geosynthetics Society conference proceedings (totaling more than 1800 technical papers). You’ll also receive an IGS lapel pin, access to the IGS online membership directory, and eligibility for IGS Awards, including the prestigious IGS Student Paper award program ($1000 scholarship to attend a regional conference) and/or IGS Young Member award.

Current IGS North America members – PLEASE forward this membership offer to current university/college students.

SEE ALSO: 2019 Student Paper Competition


IGS North America Supports Geosynthetics 2019 in Houston – Join Us!

The North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS-NA) is a proud supporter of the long-running Geosynthetics conference series, organized by IFAI. Geosynthetics 2019 will be held 10 – 13 February 2019 at the Marriott Marquis in Houston, Texas.

Geosynthetics 2019

IGS-NA encourages its members to attend our meeting at the conference to provide guidance and strategy for the organization for 2019 and beyond and to grow the use of geosynthetics in civil engineering projects.

Meeting date and location will be posted in the conference program.


GeoDallas Offers Two Days of Geosynthetics Education and 14 PDHs

Join more than 100 geotechnical practitioners in Dallas for this regional event. Attendees can earn 14 professional development hours (PDHs) over two full days while learning the latest developments in geosynthetics materials and the best practices for designing with geosynthetics. Event theme: Geosynthetics in Transportation and Environmental Applications.


GeoDallas is organized by the Industrial Fabrics Association International and co-located with the IFAI Expo and CAMX, the Composites and Advanced Materials Expo. GeoDallas attendees will be given three days of complimentary access to the combined show floor, which includes a Geosynthetics Pavilion.

IGS North America members interested in attending should contact Barbara Connett at to receive an IGS-NA members registration discount.


GeoPipe Webinar to Be Rescheduled

Mike Pluimer WebinarUPDATE: The IGS North America has postponed Dr. Pluimer’s webinar to the Fall, due to chapter member and interested attendee requests. (It’s a busy work season!)

We will keep you all posted here on the IGS-NA website for webinar updates and when the event will be rescheduled. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Thank you again for supporting IGS-NA (NAGS) and the IGS.

For any questions about the webinar, please contact:
(561) 768 9487


IGS North America Presents:
Introduction To Geopipe
Presented by Dr. Michael Pluimer, University of Minnesota – Duluth


Registration Cost:

$20.00* – IGS-NA Members | $20.00 – IGS-NA Student Members
$60.00 – IGS Members | $80.00 – Non-members
* IGS-NA Members receive one FREE webinar coupon on paying annual dues


Presenter: Dr. Michael Pluimer, University of Minnesota – Duluth

Introduction To Geopipe

In this webinar, Dr. Pluimer will open a series on applications, specifications, and test methods associated with geopipe. These polymeric pipe materials, commonly offered in corrugated and smooth varieties and a wide range of diameters and thicknesses, are essential to the success of modern infrastructures: water, wastewater, sewer, landfills, mining, residential and commercial development, utilities, etc. The session will detail types of geopipe (e.g., dual-wall pipe, polyethylene corrugated pipe, numerous other materials), raw material properties and resulting pipe properties, long-term durability, common specification requirements, and more. Essential engineering parameters such as stress cracking, oxidation resistance, UV degradation, and creep will be discussed.

Key Topics Include:

  • types of geopipe
  • raw material properties and resulting pipe properties
  • long-term durability
  • common specification requirements
  • and more

IGS North America’s Introduction To Geopipe Webinar is ideal for environmental engineers, infrastructure-owning agencies, design engineers, municipal engineers, regulators, general contractors, and other stakeholders.

Please send questions to or call +1 561 768 9487.

Michael PluimerPresenter Bio: Michael Pluimer holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (2016) from Villanova University and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2002) from the University of Minnesota. His PhD research was on the performance of corrugated HDPE pipe manufactured with post-consumer recycled content in commuter railroad applications. Dr. Pluimer developed and validated a service life model for pipes in these applications relative to both the fatigue- and creep-related slow crack growth failure mechanisms. The service life model utilized ASTM F3181, the Un-notched Constant Ligament Stress (UCLS) test, a new test method developed for corrugated HDPE pipe materials containing recycled content.

IGS-NA Announces Markus Wilke Webinar: Erosion Control with Geosynthetics

Wilke WebinarIGS North America Presents:
Erosion Control with Geosynthetics
Presented by Markus Wilke, HUESKER

Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 @ 1:00 – 2:30pm EDT (includes Q&A time)

Registration Cost:
$20.00* – IGS-NA Members | $80.00 – Non-members
* IGS-NA Members receive one FREE webinar coupon on paying annual dues


Presenter: Markus Wilke, HUESKER


Erosion Control with Geosynthetics

Erosion is a natural process, resulting from the interaction between water and soil. Unfortunately, this can cause severe damage to infrastructure and endanger people’s lives. Culverts, roads, bridge foundations, embankments, landfill slopes, MSE walls, and other critical pieces of infrastructure are susceptible. With greater urbanization occurring around the world and population centers swelling along coastlines and rivers, the collective need to better manage erosion threats has intensified.

Geosynthetics provide highly engineered solutions for solving all of these erosion problems.


Key Topics Include:

  • Naturally occurring erosion processes
  • Available geosynthetic product and system approaches
  • Geosynthetic mitigation measures
  • Case studies

IGS North America’s Erosion Control Webinar Series is ideal for environmental engineers, infrastructure-owning agencies, design engineers, municipal engineers, regulators, general contractors, and other stakeholders.

Interested participants can apply online. Please send questions to or call +1 561 768 9487.

Markus WilkePresenter Bio: Markus Wilke is an engineer and business development manager with HUESKER, one of the world’s oldest and largest geosynthetic manufacturing and design engineering companies. Wilke brings more than a decade of experience to the presentation, including a very deep background in hydraulic engineering and coastal protection and remediation. He has published extensively on topics such as dewatering, port maintenance, bank stabilization, and waterway engineering.

ELL Webinar Series – The Dipole Method (ASTM D7007): Advantages, Technique, and Necessary Site Conditions

ELLIGS North America Presents:
Electrical Leak Location Webinar Series

The Dipole Method (ASTM D7007): Advantages, Technique, and Necessary Site Conditions
Presented by Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E.

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 @ 1:00 – 2:30pm EDT (includes Q&A time)

Registration Cost:
$20.00* – IGS-NA Members | $80.00 – Non-members
* IGS-NA Members receive one FREE webinar coupon on paying annual dues


Presenter: Abigail Gilson, Director of TRI Environmental’s Liner Integrity Services | +1 512 623 0511


The Dipole Method (ASTM D7007): Advantages, Technique, and Necessary Site Conditions

Among the various types of electrical leak location methodologies used to evaluate geosynthetic lining systems in the field, the dipole method has a unique distinction: it is the only ASTM standardized ELL practice that can locate damage to geomembranes caused during or after cover material placement. Dipole technology can locate very small damage points, such as pinholes or knife slices, under several feet of earthen material. It can even be applied to filled impoundments that are actively in service. As such, dipole surveys are a powerful tool for lined facility validation and protection; but, like any ELL methodology, it can be rendered ineffective if site boundary conditions are poor. In this webinar, Abigail Gilson-Beck, one of the leading experts on ELL, explains ASTM D7007 standardized procedures, including leak detection distance testing and the various methods of data analysis. The importance of good site boundary conditions is detailed with case studies. Earn 1 PDH at the conclusion of the first webinar.


Attendees will learn about:

  • ASTM procedures for both soil and water-covered geomembrane leak surveys
  • Leak detection distance testing
  • Methods of data analysis for the dipole method
  • How site conditions affect leak detection sensitivity
  • How to write better specifications for covered geomembrane surveys


The Electrical Leak Location Series is ideal for design engineers, CQA firms, site owners, and regulators interested in specifying and employing this service.

igs-na-webinar-ell-abigail-gilsonPresenter Bio: Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E., is the Director of TRI Environmental’s Liner Integrity Services. She has a wealth of experience in geomembrane-lined containment facility design and construction and has performed electrical leak location surveys since 2004. As a graduate of TRI’s inaugural liner integrity class in 2003, her electrical leak location field experience has exceeded 100 projects and 110 million square feet. She has written and presented papers to industry conferences and taught short courses worldwide regarding the technical aspects of liner integrity and leak location surveys.

Ms. Gilson’s expertise is available for providing equipment, field training, classroom education, instructional presentations, engineering consulting, and liner integrity survey execution. She has trained staff in all of TRI’s office locations to provide local assistance on survey projects.


IGS-NA Newsletter Vol 2 Now Available!

The January/February 2018 IGS-NA Newsletter is now available!

Last year, IGS North America’s membership and leadership re-committed themselves to being a more active organization. This movement led to strong membership growth in 2017, a photo competition, and a high-level Educate the Educators (EtE) event in December in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Along the way, the chapter hosted successful webinars on hot topics such as electrical leak location technologies and how to properly interpret minimum average roll values for geosynthetic materials.

As 2018 opens, IGS-NA’s activity continues. We summarize here some of the chapter’s highlights and forthcoming opportunities, and we welcome your participation.

Kind regards,
Bruno Herlin, V.P. Communications, IGS-NA