IGS-NA Announce 2017 Photo Contest Winners

We proudly announced the winners of our first ever photo contest during the General Assembly held at Geotechnical Frontiers 2017. The photo contest was open to all members of IGS North America. Members were invited to submit photos demonstrating geosynthetics in action. Members submitted photos during the first quarter of 2017. Photos were evaluated on their clear demonstration of geosynthetic technology, esthetic quality of photos and clarity. A panel of judges scored these photos and winners were selected based on highest scores. All submitted photos will be used by IGS-NA to support educational efforts of the IGS-NA. Don’t forget to set you best geo-photos aside for next year’s contest!

Tough Cell being used on a Road Base with Sand Infill in a low CBR area. Location: Northern Alberta, Canada

High scale separation using Mirafi® S1000M Non-Woven Geotextiles for the construction of the New Mexico City International Airport to improve soil bearing capacity with imported bank materials over the area where the Texcoco Lake was in Estado de México, México.

Mirafi® Rsi Series for Soil Reinforcement. Sub grade stabilization facing unstable, saturated soft soils for the Villahermosa Freeway in Tabasco, Mexico.