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Projects from IGS North America Members and IGS Photo Contest winners are included in the gallery below. As the site grows, we will add photos from events and projects from around North America!

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We invite you to browse our gallery to see how geosynthetic solutions have transformed landscapes, protected the environment, and enhanced project outcomes. Get inspired by the possibilities and visualize how geosynthetics can address your specific challenges.

IGS-NA 2017 Photo Contest

IGS Photo Contest

IGS ETE Queens

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Here, you can explore a visual journey of projects, installations, and applications that highlight the versatility, effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal of our geosynthetic products.

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The North American Geosynthetics Society

IGS North America, formerly known as NAGS (the North American Geosynthetics Society), was established as a Chapter of the IGS (International Geosynthetics Society) in 1988.

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